Where it all began

The Baked Aligator

All Jokes aside, this piece was made with a combination of 5 different colors in varying sizes to achieve this eloquent look. This glass came with your standard glass bowl and quartz banger with the addition of a custom alligator head mouthpiece to match the 3 green percolators integrated into the recycler system of this piece.

The Crystal Castle

This Art Piece was not only the very first crystal design but the most ambitious project ever done for Burnt Mushroom. It took around 3 months for me to properly learn and set each of the 4000+ stones found on this piece. This is my personal piece and it was named castle to symbolize determination and strength no matter how many odds are against you

The Queen Of Octopuses

As soon as this glass arrived in my hands, I knew what I had to do. After multiple-sized stones including the multicolored Chatons on each suction cup were ordered, work was done to produce this mind-blowing piece. I was lucky to get those gems on the suction cups because unfortunately they aren't made anymore which makes the crystals on this queen even more fitting for her royalty. We are looking to make more of these octopuses with simpler designs for general production but there can only be one queen!

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