Buy Unique Tree Percolator Bongs from Burnt Mushroom

The more the slits, the smoother the toke. Designed like a tree, our tree percolator bongs have glass tubes branching off the main trunk. With arms attached to the bong, you get to experience cleaner, more flavorful hits. Whether you want a thick bong or a skinny bong, we’ve got a variety of sizes, designs, and colors. Made with meticulous precision, each of our hand-made bongs is manufactured using heat-resistivity material. Each of our tree percolator bongs has a different aesthetic sense, allowing you to pick and choose what you please. Giving you a cooler, richer smoke, the rips produced by a glass tree percolator are unlike any other.

Firm believers of serving our client’s needs, we offer free delivery for each and every smoking accessory you shop from us. Even if you want colored accents on the mouthpiece or a mix of vibrant colors on the bong, we’ve got all you may ever need. Committed to enhancing your smoking sessions, you can choose bongs to take along with you for a trip or for smoking up at home. If all you want from your smoke session is to experience diffused, icy hits, our glass tree percolator with an ice catcher can do just that for you.

Use Our Glass Tree Percolators to Get High with Smoother Hits

By working with some of the best, independent glassblowers from across the globe, we stock unique tree percolator bongs high on quality. Free to express their creativity, each of our tree percolator bong designed by our glass makers is a piece-of-art. Put through a quality check, all our smoking accessories are tested thoroughly. Involving no risks and taking your smoking experience to the next level, you get to enjoy multiple perks when you try out Burnt Mushroom.

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