Get Inspired By Nature for the Ultimate Dabbing Session

A classic, staple piece within a smoker’s gear, our tree dab rigs work great and look cool. With one or three slits filtering your vapor, you get to experience more diffusion and more smoothness. Designed by hand and made using the highest-quality glass, our independent glassblowers work to deliver the perfect combination of aesthetically-pleasing visuals and functionality. Our tree perc dab rig is one of the top options smokers seek when looking to upgrade or level up their smoke sessions. Working like multiple mini filters, you get to smoke up like you’ve never dabbed before. Aware of our smoker’s requirements, we design comfortable mouthpieces to ensure concentrated vapor doesn’t escape.

Bound to last you a lifetime, our one of the best tree dab rigs will surely become your most valued possession. When a fresher and cleaner toke is all you’ve been craving for, opting for our high-functioning tree perc dab rig is all you’ll ever need. Creating hundreds of tiny bubbles, you get to eliminate the harshness or irritation you feel otherwise. Our tree dab rig is suitable for both veterans and beginner-level smokers, making it the perfect addition to your smoking collection. With minimal drag involved, you get to continue your dabbing session for as long as you please.

Buy Trendy, Innovative Tree Perc Dab Rig from Burnt Mushroom

Our tree perc dab rig allows you to adjust the waterline, making sure your hit is delivered to you according to your needs. Continuously updating our collection each week and designing patterns unlike any other, we cater to our dabbing enthusiasts through and through. Even if what you want is vibrant colored accents on your mouthpiece, Burnt Mushroom will help you find just that. Drastically improving your dab hit, our tree perc dab rig is one product every smoker must have.   

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