Add A Unique Showerhead Dab Rig to Your Collection

If you’re unaware of showerhead percolators, it’s about time you jumped on the bandwagon. Significantly improving your dabbing experience, a showerhead percolator delivers you cooler, richer, and creamier dab hits. Rising you to dabbing heaven and giving your taste buds a ride, a showerhead dab rig gives you the ultimate combination of sweet, vapory perfection.

If you’re just starting with dabbing, our showerhead perc dab rigs make sure you experience no irritation or scratchiness when inhaling vapor. Turning concentrates and oils into rich, smooth vapor, our showerhead perc dab rig is a staple in every smoker’s collection. Firm believers of serving our client’s needs, we offer free delivery and give free-of-cost products if major flaws are found. Each of our products is made using the highest-quality, heat-resistive glass, ensuring there are no risks when using our dab rig. We take great pride in being your one-stop solution for your smoking gear needs, which is why we consistently update our variety of options.

Buy Yourself A Perfectly Angled Showerhead Perc Dab Rig

No matter what size, design, or pattern you may want, we’ve got it all. At liberty to design as they please, our glassmakers produce one-of-a-kind dab rigs. Likely to become your smoker friend’s source of envy, our flawlessly slit showerhead perc dab rig is what you need. Ingeniously designing each element, we prevent any water from reaching your lips and spoiling your experience. Easy to clean and easy to carry along with you for your on-the-go sessions, you get to carry our dab rigs wherever you go.

With Burnt Mushroom providing you all the smoking accessories you’ll ever need, buying smoking gear has never been easier. Made to last you a lifetime, you get to dab all you want with consistent, diffused, and cleaner hits delivered by our showerhead perc dab rig.  

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