Buy a Mini Dab Rig Bundle Pack at Burnt Mushroom

Made by hand and designed to perfection, each detail of our mini dab rig is perfection personified. Our mini dab rig recycler cools down vapor and prevents any splash back, leaving you to experience a heavenly combination of a vapory, flavorful hit. You’ll be pleasantly surprised with just how functional and well-designed a mini dab rig is. Stocking dab rigs that are under 10 inches, we give you the ease to carry it around and enjoy dab sessions on-the-go. Fitted with each feature to get you started right away, we consistently uphold our standard for quality. Whether you’re a beginner or a veteran, our easily portable mini dab rigs available at cheap rates can be great additions to your smoking gear.

No matter your preference, Burnt Mushroom can fulfill it for you. Designed by some of the best, independent glassblowers situated across the globe, we bring to you one-of-a-kind pieces. Speckled with vibrant colors on the mouthpiece or a fusion of colors throughout the rig, our dab rigs will surely become your most prized item in your collection. Great for traveling, excellent at filtration, and hitting just as hard as traditional-sized dab rigs, our mini dab rig bundle pack is perfect for those unplanned adventures.

Try Our Mini Dab Rig With Barrel Perc to Get a Consistently Filtered Vapor

Don’t let the size mislead you, as mini bongs are just as efficient. Our uniquely shaped dab rigs rush your vapor through a twister of cool water, letting you enjoy your dab session for as long as you wish. Whether you’re at home or on-the-go, our mini dab rig banger lets you enjoy concentrates at the lowest cost possible. Cooling the smoke effortlessly before it reaches your lungs, our mini dab rig with barrel perc is perfect for everyday use. With so many options to choose between, pick any that pleases your senses.   

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