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An endless smoking session is what our mini beaker bong promises you. Perfect for smoking on-the-go and small enough to hide discreetly, our mini bong is what you need for the smoothest hit. Featuring everything you’d expect in a traditional bong, we stock some of the best mini bongs. Low on maintenance and high on quality, you get to take your smoking experience to the next level. Whether you wish to add unique pieces to your smoking collection or wish to smoke on-the-road, our micro bong can become your smoking companion.

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We feature an extensive range of mini bongs. More affordable and more manageable than traditional bongs, our mini bubblers give you an enhanced impact and feel. Whether you’re a beginner-level or a veteran smoker, our mini bongs will surely make your smoking session a pleasurable experience. Made by some of the best glassblowers from across the globe, you get to shop uniquely-patterned and vibrant colored bongs.

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