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The best dab rigs strike the perfect balance of functionality and aesthetic appeal. Fit with striking monochromatic accents and neon colors on the mouthpiece, our matrix percolator dab rigs are a treat for your taste buds and eyes. Our effortlessly symmetrical matrix perc rig delivers you smoother, richer, and cleaner vapor. Easily washable and efficient at cooling smoke, our stereo matrix perc dab rig dips you into a smoker’s delight. Located in the center, matrix perc has ample space around it, making it visually attractive. Bound to become your smoke friend’s envy, our matrix perc bubbler is available for the lowest cost and is delivered free of cost. Without being too heavy or too light, our dab rigs have just the right balance. So, with Burnt Mushroom by your side, you get to elevate your dabbing experience in no time.

Made using high-quality glass, we deliver durable pieces that are going to last you a lifetime. Hand-made by some of the best glassblowers situated across the globe, our percolator bongs will surely leave you reeling in a sensory adventure. Giving your dab rig the personality and uniqueness it seeks, we deliver consistently perfect matrix percolator dab rigs right at your doorstep. With each product of ours having slight differences, you get to bring home a one-of-a-kind matrix percolator bong.

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Whether you want a small size dab rig for hiding away discreetly or a light-weight rig to use on-the-go, Burnt Mushroom has got all grounds covered. Giving you a tasty, clean hit each time you inhale, our stereo matrix perc dab rig lets you smoke up vapor filtered by diagonal slitted perc. Aware of how you impatiently wait for new designs to add to your collection, we consistently roll out new patterns to satisfy the smoking enthusiast within you.