Buy a Sturdy, Perfectly Shaped Long Dab Rig

Our long dab rigs are certainly worth adding to your cherished smoking gear collection. Passing it through the water and air, our dab rig essentially cools the vapor extracted from your concentrate. If what you’re seeking is a dab rig standing 15 inches tall, we’ve got a variety of options to fulfill your requirements. With most concentrate users looking for minimal diffusion, you get to dab with minimal drag and smoother vapor.

By easing the vapor into your lungs, our 15 inch bongs for sale deliver you the ultimate dab session you’ve been craving for. A striking combination of aesthetic appeal and functionality, our long dab rigs give you ease, efficiency, and last for years. Delighting you with abundant punches of flavors, our dab rig is the perfect partner for your rich concentrates and oils. Whether you wish to buy it for yourself or wish to gift it to someone, our long dab rigs are optimal for everyday use. So, when all you want from your dabbing session is to maximize the flavor and eliminate any splashback from reaching your lips, Burnt Mushroom is where you should be shopping.

Buy Beautiful 15 Inch Bongs For Sale

If you’re tired of experiencing harsh throat hits and irritation, our dab rigs can be the solution to your problem. Allowing you to keep the vapor within the chamber, you get to experience the complete capacity of each hit you take. Easy to carry along with you and easy to clean, we pay meticulous attention to detail when designing each 15-inch bong. Undoubtedly one of the best options for enhancing your dabbing sessions, our dab rigs are available in a wide variety of shapes, colors, and patterns. Firmly committed to delivering the best product to our client, we offer free delivery and free returns if major flaws are found in our products.   

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