Upgrade Your Smoking Experience with Our Honeycomb Matrix Bong

Designed uniquely, a matrix glass bong is one of the most underrated percolators. Instantly diffusing your smoke into tiny bubbles, it offers the perfect combination of a smoother, diffused hit. We stock a wide variety of sizes, styles, and designs to allow you to choose what you please. Suitable for all smokers, our matrix perc bubbler delivers optimally balanced filtration and diffusion. If all you want from your smoke session is to experience cooler, smoother hits, our honeycomb matrix bong is just what you need.

A matrix percolator bong features an intricate design, which is why you get to enjoy multiple perks at a lower price. Taking great pride in serving our client’s needs, we make sure you get the best smoking accessory for the price you pay. We work with the best glassblowers from around the globe to bring to you craftsmanship at its finest. By giving them the complete freedom to experiment, you get to add one-of-a-kind pieces to your collection. Tested through a thorough quality check, you get to shop only some of the best matrix percolators available in the industry.

Buy Hand-Made Matrix Perc Rigs For A Balanced, Diffused Smoke

Whether you want colored accents on the bong’s mouthpiece or want a durable piece that will last you a lifetime, shopping with Burnt Mushroom helps ensure just that. Consistently updating our bong collection, we stock some of the unique designs. With free shipping and the lowest price on the market being our guarantee, you get to enhance your smoke session in no time. Our matrix glass bongs feature splash guards, ash catchers, and ice catchers to keep your smoke session as smooth as possible.

The sturdy design of our matrix perc bubbler will look great on your coffee table or with the rest of your prized smoking collection. When all you want is an enhanced smoke session, it doesn’t get any better than smoking up on a matrix glass bong.

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