Buy Easy To Use & Affordable Honeycomb Dab Rigs With Burnt Mushroom

The round discs and small holes of honeycomb perc excel in diffusing the smoke. Allowing you to continue your dab sessions without slowing down, our honeycomb rig is the perfect option for efficient vapor filtration. Our honeycomb percolator deserves a spot in each smoking enthusiast’s collection. With an abundance of bubbles filling the chamber, you get to experience rich, milky, pure vapor. While our ingenious designs prevent any splashback, allowing you to dab for as long as you please.

Strong believers in catering to our client’s needs, the well-balanced weight, and appealing design of our honeycomb percolator dab rigs feel like they’re made just for your hands. Maximized filtration and guaranteed cool hits are our promise to you when you buy our honeycomb perc dab rigs. Whether you want a unique pattern for complementing your personality or a solid color dab rig to add vibrancy to your collection, we’ve got everything a smoker may need. If a healthier, flavorful vapor is your top priority, get ready to unleash a burst of vapory goodness with our honeycomb dab rig. So, with so much to offer at such a low cost, Burnt Mushroom is truly a smoker’s heaven.

Treat the Dabbing Enthusiast within You by Buying Our Innovative Honeycomb Rig

We are aware of the excitement you feel when trying out a fresh, new concentrate. Committed to enhancing your dabbing experience, we offer you honeycomb dab rigs that are sturdy, durable, and easy to tag along with you. Available in a variety of sizes and suitable for both beginner-level and veteran smokers, our honeycomb percolator dab rig is what you need for upgrading your dabbing sessions. At liberty to pick and choose what feels perfect for you, each of your dab rigs is perfectly angled and are delivered free of cost.      

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