Experience Superior Percolation through Our Bong with Downstem

A downstem essentially improves airflow by allowing air to enter the water chamber in a bong. Easily attachable and removable, our bong downstems give you the option to replace your damaged downstem or upgrade to a newer one. Enhancing the smoke’s flavor and ensuring your smoke is filtered, a downstem is a critical piece within a bong. Whether you wish to opt for fixed downstems or detachable downstems, we give you complete freedom to customize your smoking gear. Not just limited to downstems, you get to buy complementary smoking accessories from Burnt Mushroom. Using the highest-quality and heat-resistive glass material, we provide you quality unlike any other.

Available in a variety of sizes, shapes and designs, you can choose downstems that fit your aesthetic sense. Aware of how smoking enthusiasts wish to customize their experience, you get to choose each piece you use for your smoke session. We make the routine of buying a downstem the easiest one by helping you navigate you through the process. Offering you free delivery, our bongs with downstems offer you the highest level of durability and quality.

Try out Our Bong with Downstem for a Smoother Hit

Be it smoking alone or smoking up with a group of friends, Burnt Mushroom aims to make each of your smoking session a memorable one. We ensure no irritation or scratchiness occurs in your throat, and you get to inhale easily. Whether you use a bong for recreational or medical purposes, we make sure your experience isn’t spoilt when using any of our smoking accessories.

Designed by hand, each of our pieces symbolizes craftsmanship. At Burnt Mushroom, you get to pick out pieces with ice catchers or ash catchers. Thus, elevate your smoking experience by opting for sturdy and durable bongs with downstems.

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