Enjoy Diffused, Filtered Vapor with Our Classic Dab Rigs

If what you prefer are smoother, filtered hits, our downstem percolator is what you need. Definitely worth adding to your smoking gear, dab rigs with a downstem percolator give you the ultimate experience of smoking up concentrates and oils. With moisturized and cooler tokes filling up your lungs, you’ll surely ascend to smokers’ paradise. Making dry hits and an irritated throat a thing of the past, our downstem percolator is hand-designed to fit the smoker’s requirements. We offer you multiple perks you’re unlikely to find anywhere else, as we are strong believers of making your smoking experience as pleasurable as possible.

By using the highest-quality, heat-resistive glass, we make sure you experience no hassles when looking to continue your smoking sessions for hours on end. Easily removable and cleanable, our dab rigs with a downstem percolator give you the heavenly combination of improved airflow and richer tokes. Whether you wish to smoke up alone or with a bunch of your friends, classic dab rigs are just what you need for that flavorful punch. Even if all you wish to do is find a healthier way to dab, our variety of classic dab rigs will leave you reeling in a sense of delight. So, pick and choose what your heart pleases, as we regularly update our collection each week.

Upgrade Your Smoking Gear through Burnt Mushroom

Committed to giving you the best quality available within the industry, each of our products is put through a quality check. No matter your unique smoking needs, we can help fulfill them for you. Taking your dabbing experience to the next level, Burnt Mushroom offers you a wide variety of complementary smoking accessories. Customer satisfaction is the key to us, which is why we bring you one-of-a-kind dab rigs with a downstem percolator.

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