Buy A Glass Bong Collection to Upgrade Your Smoking Gear

Our cool bong glass collection is designed by some of the best, independent glassblowers from across the globe. A work of art and a true collector’s piece, our glass bong collection is a treat for the eyes and for your taste buds. Fitted with a variety of percolators for excellent filtration, you get to take in the smoothest, cleanest, and richest tokes. Made by hand, each product is a unique piece bound to become your smoker friend’s desire. Whether you need bongs with glycerin coils for an icy, cool hit, or need ash catchers for keeping your bong clean, Burnt Mushroom has got it all. A marvel to look at and convenient to use, our flared mouthpiece bong gives you the ultimate comfort while smoking.

Giving you the perfect, flavorful hit, our bongs will surely become a staple in your everyday life. With smoke effortlessly filling up your lungs, you get to lose yourself in a smoker’s delight. Each hit delivered from our bong hits consistently, leaving you to continue your smoke session for hours on end. No matter the size, design, or pattern you may need, our glassmakers give you the ultimate combination of functionality and style. Since more slits lead to more percolation, you can take in perfect, diffused tokes.  

Bring Home A Cool Bong Glass Collection

Even if what you need is a mini bong for discreetly hiding away or for on-the-go hits, we’ve got a collection that’ll definitely satisfy the smoking enthusiast within you. Making free delivery and refunds a part of our service value, you get to bring home colorful bongs. Whether you want uniquely-shaped bongs or colored accents on the mouthpiece bongs, our collection can help fulfill your needs. Easy to maintain and clean, our high-quality glass bong collection is a fine addition to your gear.

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