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Collection: Experience Cooler Hits by Buying Our Bong with Glycerin Coil

If all you want from your smoking session is an icy, cold hit, buying our bong with a freezable coil will help do just that. Each time you inhale a hit, you will get to experience an ultra-smooth toke filling you up. Our bongs with a coil are carefully engineered, delivering pure goodness to you. Made using high-quality and heat-resistive glass, our bongs are either speckled with colorful accents or are as simplistic as your aesthetic sense. Bound to captivate your interest, our percolator bong with a glycerin coil works seamlessly together to provide you an enhanced smoking experience. With your hits kept airtight, you don’t lose out on any fun.

Passing through your bong, the smoke gets cooled efficiently with a glycerin coil. Designed to avoid the mess melted ice creates, glycerin coils are what you need for preventing any splashback. The key to an undeniably finer smoking experience, a bong with glycerin coil, will let you continue your smoke session for hours on end. Easily attachable and detachable, our bongs with a coil smooth out your smoke, making it easy and pleasant to inhale.

<H2>Choose A Bong with A Freezable Coil to Uplift Your Smoke Session

Chilled to the optimal temperature, you get to smoke up like you’ve never smoked before. Functioning like a percolator, glycerin coils give you the added filtration you need. Even if you’re looking to replace your old ice catcher for an innovative glycerin coil, we’ve got a wide variety of options awaiting you. At liberty to choose bongs with splash guards, monochromatic accents, or minimalistic design, Burnt Mushroom symbolizes craftsmanship at its finest. No matter what size bong you may need, we stock just the right options for your road trip or your smoke session with your friends.


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