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Being one of the most popular percolators, circular perc efficiently filters the smoke. With the smoking process not slowed down, our dab rig with a circular percolator is optimal for diffusing vapor. Delivering you excellent filtration, cooler smoke, and easier to clean, circular percolator dab rigs are what you need for enhancing your experience. Familiar with how each of our clients seeks innovation, we consistently update our collection for your pleasure.

Our circular percolator dab rig features numerous rings that serve to give you a cleaner, filtered hit. If you’re a smoking enthusiast looking to jump onto the dabbing bandwagon, start your journey by buying our double matrix percolator dab rig. Giving you the perfect high and designed with a comfortable mouthpiece, our dab rigs are what you should opt for. Hand-made by some of the finest glassblowers, our high quality products are available for the lowest prices. Each of our products is tested to ensure you get the best value for your money.

Buy Some of the Best Dab Rigs With a Circular Percolator

Our circular dab rigs are just what you need for tasting every bit of your flavorful concentrate. A visual treat and involving minimal drag, our double matrix percolator dab rig efficiently cools down smoke. So, when you shop at Burnt Mushroom, you’ll be assured of treating yourself to multiple perks. Strongly focused on improving our service quality, we offer you free delivery and a generous loyalty program. Guaranteeing returns on orders that have flaws, we work to make us your one-stop solution for shopping smoking accessories.

We’ve shaped ourselves as a haven for smokers, where they get to feel at peace. Whether you need rolling trays or grinders, we’ve got it all. So, buy your favorite smoking gear at Burnt Mushroom.   

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