Experience Excellent Filtration & Smoother Hits with Our Beaker Rigs

Perfect for enjoying the effect and flavor of your concentrates, our beaker rig delivers you the ultimate combination. Designed for vaporizing and dabbing waxes, our glass beakers gives you a smoother and richer hit. Indulging you in pure bliss, our beaker rigs prevent any concentrated vapor from escaping. Available in a wide range of colors, styles, and shapes, you get to try out new, innovative designs. Whether you want an inline, downstem, or circ percolator, we’ve got it all for you. Our beaker rigs with a drum percolator are efficient for smoking, leading you to experience a cooler, more even hit.

With minimal drag involved, you get to live each smoker’s fantasy with our beaker rigs. Made with a sturdy base and a comfortable mouthpiece, you can take in hearty hits easily. Even if all you wish to do is add new pieces to your smoking collection, Burnt Mushroom makes sure you find one-of-a-kind pieces to hold onto. Lasting you a lifetime, our beaker rigs can become your life-long smoking partner.

Try Out Simple or Fancy Beaker Rigs Through Burnt Mushroom

It all boils down to personal preference, which is why we consistently upgrade our collection to enhance your smoke sessions. Focused on giving you value for the price you pay, we use high-quality glass to fulfill your smoking dreams. Maximizing the flavor and enhancing the filtration, we help you continue your smoke sessions for hours on end. No matter which smoking accessory you may need, we’ve got all grounds covered.

Our beaker rigs are made by some of the best independent glassblowers situated across the globe. The representative of the craftsmanship and creativity involved, each of our products is unique in its own sense. So, when looking to change up your smoking experience, Burnt Mushroom is what you should opt for.