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The smoking culture is unique. Familiar with how each of you has unique smoking needs, we stock some of the most popular and best beaker bongs the industry has to offer. Designed in a variety of patterns, textures, sizes and shapes, our beaker bongs are the perfect pieces to add to your prized collection. Delivering premium filtration and a smoother hit, our beaker bongs uplift your smoke sessions. Guaranteed to become a signature piece in your assortment, our bongs give you the perfect hit you’re craving for. Whether you want simplistic or extravagant designs, our uniquely designed bongs are truly one-of-a-kind. If you’re a smoking enthusiast looking to experience a creamier hit, our classic beaker bongs are just what you need.

More stable than straight-tube bongs, smoking through beaker bongs takes you on a unique sensory experience. Stocking high-quality, long-lasting, and functional beaker bongs, Burnt Mushroom is your ultimate one-stop shopping option. Not irritating your throat and sturdier than other bongs due to their wide bottom, our beaker bongs with percs give you denser hits, unlike any other bong.

Add Classic Beaker Bongs To Your Collection for the Ultimate Smoking Session

Our beaker bongs are made using high-quality glass, leading you to experience complete satisfaction. Be it a tripled layered, an inline, a disc and cage, or a ladder percolator, we’ve got it all for serving your needs. If all you need is a portable, small bong that delivers a big hit, our classic beaker bongs are what you need. Safe for use during traveling and available in different variants, our pretty beaker bongs are bound to captivate your interest. With the option to choose between an ice or ash catcher, you need to customize your smoking experience through Burnt Mushroom.

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