A Guide to Buying Small Bongs Online

Are you thinking of buying a new glass smoking pipe? Let us face it: stoners are not always after a new bong. But if the part breaks, if you are tired of cleaning it, if a little extra money has come in, or simply if you need to update your old pipe or a bong, then you are probably here to buy small bongs online.

Even if you are thrilled with your current piece, each small bong could be used on an occasion, a party, or by friends. Without further ado, we will focus only on the glass smoking pipes and small bongs. We know there are so many varieties to choose from, made of glass, acrylic/plastic, ceramic, and wood (bamboo, for the most part).

Why Glass Smoking Pipes

Glass is a classic, of course! It is a material that is hard to go wrong with. It is a sign of quality. Plastic bongs are the cheapest. Ceramic bongs often come with custom designs, are fun and beautiful, while glass smoking pipes boast durability and style.

Buying a small bong online is ultimately a matter of personal preference. It can take years of use and experience to gain full knowledge of the options available to us to know what we like best. We hope our tips can steer you in the right direction, or at least give you a better idea of ​​the type of glass smoking pipes and small bongs you are looking for.

What Type of Bong Do You Want to Use?

What will be the usual bong? Will it be used once a week or three times a day? It is common as a personal piece or pass it on when you are with people enjoying it? Are you taking it on road trips? All these factors aim to buy your bong, whether it is the first bong or the fifteenth you buy. If you buy a large pipe or with too many pipes or accessories that you do not use, you will not be satisfied with the purchase. If you never fill your bong chamber, you are not maximizing the potential of your part. If you fill the chamber with smoke, but cannot take it all in one go, the smoke that remains inside is no longer so fresh, making the tasting a bit stale on the second puff.

Tall bongs with Percs or Small Bongs?

Chamber, tube, and mouthpiece measurements also affect how you smoke and enjoy your bong. Bongs designed along the length of the chamber are difficult to clean. Especially if the pipe tapers towards the top, it has been said repeatedly that "bigger is not always better," It remains truer for tall bongs with percs, these bongs have a greater chance of breaking. They also take up more space. Hence, we suggest small bongs.

In addition, speaking of the breakages

You need to decide that you will be the only person who uses the bong or when shared with friends. You have to be careful because there are friends who do not know how it works or put the ice in the wrong receptacle. In any case, if it is going to go through inexperienced hands, the chances of breaking the tall bongs with percs greatly increase. It is enough to have the bong on the table in the living room or the garage.

If You are Thinking of Being the Only One Using the Bong

In this case, you can buy nice and delicate glass smoking pipes. Although these can be expensive, the cooling effect and the aesthetics make it worth the extra buck. However, if you are not going to be so careful, do not be discouraged. Many glass bongs are quite resistant and ideal for casual use, every day, or with friends. 

  • Resistant glass is generally of adequate thickness, although its quality also influences. In these cases, it is best to ask an expert seller
  • Ceramic bongs tend to be smaller than glass bongs as the material is heavier, yet they still offer pure tasting. These can also come in many color combinations and designs because anything in an artist's mind can paint onto a ceramic surface.
  • Bongs come in various shapes such as mushrooms, crescent moons, gnomes, etc. the disadvantages are that the user cannot see the water inside them. In this way, it is difficult to tell when it starts to get dirty
  • Plastic or acrylic bongs are typically translucent bongs (similar to a clear glass bong, but often colored) so that the user can see the inside of the bong. Plastic bongs can be a good investment. Maybe you are short of money, need a second unit to transport with you on road trips to festivals, camping on the lake, and do not want to take your delicate pieces of glass- these are just a few of the great reasons to buy a plastic bong
  • Bamboo bongs are usually of high quality, they are not very heavy, and they are more durable than plastic. "Bong" comes from the Thai word 'baung.' It is a cylindrical bamboo tube used by people in Thailand who have been traditionally smoking for thousands of years. So if you want to be authentic, use a bamboo bong

After reading this, we hope you are more aware of your options when buying a small bong online. 

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