7 Tried and Tested Smoking Accessories

Nowadays, there is a wide range of accessories for marijuana smokers in general. We have made an exhaustive selection of smoking accessories to find all kinds of articles, including lighters or cigarette papers, to sophisticated vaporizers or percolator bongs and the best mini bong. 

When we talk about smoking accessories, we include everything from parts and paraphernalia to clothing and lighters. With all these accessories at your disposal, you will reach new comfort and ease levels when it comes to smoking or vaping.

You may consider yourself a seasoned smoker, but do you have the accessories to prove it? We are going to look at our seven essential Smoking Accessories for smoking weed.

The Seven Best Accessories for Smoking Marijuana

Every stoner has its customs and preferences, but there is always room for improvement. Here, we show you our seven best smoking accessories to complement any habit when it comes to smoking.

  1. Portable Vaporizers

Portable and desktop vaporizers are available for all tastes. They stand out in a wide array of smoking accessories with original spare parts. Vaporizers are a great option to taste marijuana healthily, without combustion, perceiving the aroma and flavor of cannabis most purely—ideal for therapeutic use.

  1. Pipe

Having a vape pipe is essential. Since we cannot always smoke a joint, we sometimes want to give ourselves a touch or two. The pipe will always be a good option when we want to be discreet, and it is easy to take it with us anywhere. You can find an infinite number of pipes for any taste. Click on smoking accessories to see them.

  1. RQS Jars

You just got back from a hard day at work, and you need something to relax you - it is time to hit the grass. Many of us started our stoner story by storing weed in an old tin or jam jar. However, as we already know, it is not always the best way to conserve marijuana. Look at the Royal Queen Seeds jars. This high-quality airtight canister features not only a child-resistant screw-on lid but also an outer sleeve and lid so you can keep your weed much longer than those old containers. In addition, of course, it has the RQS logo on the front. This canister prevents suspicious odors from escaping, making it perfect for carrying around very discreetly.

  1. Weed Grinder

We cannot put the weed grinder aside. Whenever we want to make a joint, it will be much easier and faster to crush our herb with the weed grinder. Now that you have your weed under control, you need something that will give your gorgeous buds the ideal size to smoke. However, the grinding process does not have to be an effort for you; once you try the herb grinder, you will never go back to single-chamber plastic grinders.

A four-piece grinder is for seasoned stoners. The top is transparent, so you can watch the buds grind. A fine filter screen captures the most valuable parts. To make sure nothing is wasted, there is a kief reservoir at the bottom where valuable trichomes accumulate. The design of the grinder is simple and elegant.

  1. Sheets

The sheets or gray hair is essential when we want to smoke a joint. The material from which they are made is significant to allow a slow and pleasant burn.

  1. Pipe and Bong Cleaner

A bong cleaner is essential to clean our pipes and percolator bongs. It is critical to keep them clean so that we do not smoke anything harmful, such as accumulating resin, and not to ruin the herb's flavor.

  1. Bong

The bong is undoubtedly an accessory that you cannot miss. It is always a good alternative when we want to enjoy the herb's flavor or give ourselves fresher smoke. Click here to see all the best mini bongs.

What is the accessory you cannot live without?

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